Summer Shorts - Session for Governors/Leaders

Do you know what difference you make? Do others?

Step out of the office and give your head space to think and learn before the madness of the autumn kicks in.

Treat yourself an eighty minute guided pause during which you’ll remind yourself why your work is important and how you might share that knowledge with others.


“Understanding the difference you make and explaining it clearly to others is key to improving, surviving and thriving.”


These short sessions are your spring boards for thinking about future action and learning support.  You will leave with a draft outcomes and impacts map, rough plan of what to do next, and new va-va-voom for your work.

You’ll also get handed £10 off any three-hour follow-up session in our September Season. These will be shaped around requests from people like you, who take part in the Summer Shorts.


There’s a Summer Shorts session for everyone between 22 and 25 August at Queen’s Sport, Upper Malone, BT9 5LA.   If you can’t make a session that best matches your role, then get in touch with Brenda and we’ll work you in.  All sessions are £20 pp


Whichever one you choose, Ceni Summer Shorts will help you move forward with clarity.


Cost - Voluntary/Community: 
£ 20.00
Cost - Statutory/Private: 
£ 20.00

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