Evaluation & impact measurement

We support funders and their funded organisations to implement impact practice.

Impact: the difference an organisation makes as a result of its work, including to people it affects directly, people who are affected indirectly and the wider effects such as on government policy.

Impact practice: the activities that an organisation does to focus on impact including:

  • planning for desired impact
  • identifying how to measure it
  • collecting information to measure it
  • making sense of that information and
  • communicating it and learning from it

Impact practice is not just about ‘measurement’ - it is about doing all of these things.

In 2010, CENI published Measuring Up which provided a comprehensive review of evaluation practice and support needs within the sector in Northern Ireland. The research found that there are considerable challenges for both funders and the sector in relation to understanding and applying outcomes in practice.

Over the same period, we have been developing Measuring Change as an approach to support the sector and its funders to plan for and capture outcomes.

We also carry out programme & project evaluations.

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