CENI's Response to the NI Programme for Government Framework Consultation

CENI believes that an outcomes-based system of government, if properly implemented, can bring considerable advantages in terms of improving decision making, collaboration, resource allocation and demonstrating public benefit.

Our response focusses on the implications of implementing an outcomes approach within programmes directed at the VCSE sector, rather than on the specific content of the multifaceted, population level outcomes.  

CENI raises three key points:

  • We welcome the idea of population level outcomes. However, our research highlights the challenges associated with implementing an outcomes approach at the programme level and we look forward to contributing to future consultation around action plans.
  • We have a concern that a primary focus on OBA™ may result in a narrowing of understanding about how desired change is defined and measured.  This could lead to over simplifying complex social problems and so risk excluding valuable contributions made by locally based community organisations to the PfG outcomes. 
  • It will, therefore, be important to incorporate a range of complementary evaluation methods to reflect and protect the important impact of VCSE organisations on individuals and communities.


Read our full response to the NI Programme for Government Framework Consultation below:


CENI Response to the NI Programme for Government Framework Consultation





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