January Sale - 20% Off In-house Outcomes Sessions

January Sale - 20% off in-house outcomes sessions

*if booked before 14 February 2017


The first secret to improving your results or proving that you make a difference is knowing exactly what you want to achieve. The second is being able to tell whether or not you are achieving it

Here are two sessions that will help you demystify outcomes.


Each runs for 180 minutes and works for teams of one to twenty people.

They run in house (we come to you) so you can tackle actual projects as practical examples. Pre-briefing allows us to tweak the programme to your particular needs.


Book before 14 February 2017 and enjoy our sale prices of £200 for one session and £360 for both.

(normal costs £250 for one session and £450 for both).

They are designed so session two picks up from session one, but you might feel ready to dive straight into the second one.



* Must book and pay by 14 February. Sessions can be held between 1 February and 31 March 2017.


Interested? For more information or to book a session/s contact:

Brenda Kent, CENI

Email: brendakent@ceni.org

Tel: 028 9024 8005

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