Thursday, 15 March, 2018 - 10:30 to 13:00

The Northern Ireland draft Programme for Government has embraced an outcomes-based approach for the first time. This seminar will look at how this approach is beginning to play out in practice, as Government departments and funding programmes adjust to this new way of thinking. Facilitated discussion & debate will be informed through sharing:

a) Insights on how our Scottish neighbours, who have been applying outcomes-based approaches for nearly 10 years, have adopted and learned from its unique journey.
b) Initial findings from research being undertaken as part of an Outcomes Observatory that is looking at awareness, understanding, perceptions and practice across the public & voluntary/community sectors in Northern Ireland.
c) An update and reflections from the NI Programme for Government team. 


 Dr Ailsa Cook – Ailsa is a leader in the field of outcomes: Through her research and work with policy and practice, Ailsa has made a significant contribution to shifting the focus of public services in Scotland towards the outcomes that are important to citizens and communities.


Brendan McDonnell– Brendan is the director of Community Evaluation Northern Ireland and a pioneer in the field of outcomes and evaluation thinking.


Joe Reynolds – Joe is the Director of the Programme for Government at the Northern Ireland Executive Office.

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