Our team

Our staff team has an extensive breadth of knowledge, experience and expertise in evaluation practice, ensuring the provision of high quality, value-based and cost-effective services.

Staff Contacts

Brendan McDonnell
Email: brendan@ceni.org

Deputy Director
Nicola McIldoon
Email: nicola@ceni.org

Evaluation & Training Manager
Brenda Kent   07764182966
Email: brendakent@ceni.org

Communications Officer
Ani Kanakaki
Email: ani@ceni.org

Finance and Administration Officer
Pamela Walker
Email: pamela@ceni.org

Inspiring Impact NI Programme Leader
Aongus O'Keeffe
Email: aongus@ceni.org


Associate Consultants

We work closely with a team of Associate Consultants to enhance our capacity in terms of reach, flexibility and the range of evaluation work we can undertake.

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